Re-enactment Shoot Day ///

Today we headed out of the office with our friends at Global Edmonton to shoot some re-enactments and some scenes for our upcoming Habitual Impaired Driving campaign! We captured the day for our followers on Twitter (@CSAENA).


Our first stop was a residential home where we had our youngest actors and their mom playing in the front yard as a neighbour swerves down the street, parks, and stumbles out of his vehicle. These guys played along so well and also seemed to have lots of fun in the snow!


Next, we went to an arson investigation at 107 Street and 65 Avenue. The Edmonton Fire Department’s Fire Investigation team met us there and set us all up with masks because of all of the damage inside the house. We filmed our actors “breaking in” and lighting a fire inside the house (with the firemen there to put it out right away when we were done!)


Our next stop was the scene of an attempted murder. In this case, a group of people in a white Nissan Rogue purposely hit a man walking in Edmonton’s west end.

It’s important for re-enactments to get as many of the details of the crime scene as accurate as possible. We hope that by replicating the crime, a viewer might recall something that they hadn’t realized was important to the case and would be willing to report it (either to the police or anonymously through Crime Stoppers).  This includes matching our volunteer actors as close to the descriptions of the victims/suspects as possible, and acquiring the right “weapons” and vehicles. Thank you to Dave, Michael, and Blake at West End Nissan for lending us your white Nissan Rogue for this shoot!

Shoot #4

Last, we headed to Uncle Glenn’s Eatery & Sports Pub in Meadowlark to film a bar scene for the Habitual Impaired Driving teaching moment. We had a bunch of volunteer actors meet us there and Uncle Glenn set us up with glasses to fill with gingerale (beer), cranberry juice (wine), and coke (highballs). It was awesome to have so many people come out to be a part of the filming!

Uncle Glenn is a huge supporter of Crime Stoppers! After being broken into multiple times, Uncle Glenn came to Crime Stoppers to have a re-enactment done. The suspect ended up being caught! We were so happy to be able to help the Edmonton Police Service and Uncle Glenn by producing the re-enactment, and even more thrilled that there was a successful conclusion to the case. We are thankful to Uncle Glenn for letting us use his pub for our teaching moment – please check out this local business if you’re in the area!