How do I leave a tip?

Crime Stoppers exists primarily as a means of collecting information from the public – anonymously. Tipsters contact Crime Stoppers through one of these methods:

  1. By phone at 1-800-222-TIPS (8477). This phone number is the same for any Crime Stoppers program across Canada and is directed to a Crime Stoppers call center. Your call will be answered by one of our trained tip takers who will not ask you for your name, address, or any other identifying information. They do not have call display and will never be able to trace the call back to you.
  2. By submitting it online. Go to and fill out the form to submit a tip online.
  3. By downloading the app. Search for “P3 Tips” in the Apple App Store or Android Market (Google Play) Store.

When you use any of these methods, you will be given a unique tipster number. This number should be kept secret and recorded as it is how you will be able to follow up on your tip to either add additional information or check to see if there was a reward.

What happens next to my tip?

Crime Stoppers takes the information given by the tipster and distributes it to the appropriate law enforcement agency (ie. to the Edmonton Police Service in Edmonton and the RCMP in Northern Alberta). The Crime Stoppers coordinator at each of these organizations then disseminates the information to whichever officer, branch, or unit the tip is relevant.

Am I really anonymous?

We do everything we can to protect your anonymity because we know that by disclosing important information about a crime, having your identity revealed might put you at risk. The only time your anonymity may be open to challenge is in the following situations:

  • A call to Crime Stoppers made with the intention of “furthering criminal activity or interfering with the administration of justice”. A party who is guilty of a crime cannot use Crime Stoppers to try to divert the blame onto someone else. Crime Stoppers cannot be used to try to “frame” an innocent person.
  • There is evidence that disclosure of some or all of a tip is necessary to establish someone’s innocence.
  • A tipster having received the benefit of full legal advice may, for his or her own reasons, elect to waive the privilege.

A full and more detailed explanation of these principles can be found on the Canadian Crime Stoppers website

What happens when an arrest is made?

If the tip information helped the police make an arrest, the officer on the file will submit a form to the Crime Stoppers board stating this. The board meets monthly to review the solved cases and determine a reward amount (between $50 and $2,000) for the tipster. At this point, a note is made on the file.

How do I check my tip?

To check whether or not your tip has become eligible for a reward, you must call the tipline (1-800-222-8477) and provide your tipster number. The call taker will check to see if a reward has been authorized for that tip.

If my tip receives a reward, how do I pick it up?

Crime Stoppers works with ATB Financial to distribute the tip rewards. If your tip received a reward, you will be able to choose any ATB branch in Alberta to pick up your reward. The branch will prepare an unmarked envelope with cash. You can walk into the branch, simply provide your tipster number, and walk out with the money. Your tipster number is the only information they ask for – another reason why it is important to keep this number secret so that no one else can pick up your reward.

Crime Stoppers has a charitable office and uses Social Media to share information. Tips provided through any of these channels (calling the office, Facebook comments, or Tweets) WILL NOT be anonymous and WILL NOT be passed along through regular Crime Stoppers channels. Individuals wishing to become anonymous tipsters must use one of the methods mentioned above.