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Why does Crime Stoppers exist?2023-12-08T03:15:46+00:00

Crime Stoppers is a community crime prevention organization that rewards anonymous tipsters while supporting law enforcement partners in solving and preventing crime.

Crime Stoppers is based on the principle that “someone other than the criminal has information that can solve a crime” and was created to combat the three major problems faced by law enforcement in generating that information:

  • A fear of REPRISAL
  • An attitude of APATHY, and
  • A reluctance to get INVOLVED

Crime Stoppers resolves these concerns by:

  • Offering ANONYMITY to people who provide information about crimes.
  • Paying cash REWARDS when the information supplied leads to arrest.

How did Crime Stoppers start?2017-01-31T21:30:46+00:00

Crime Stoppers was started in Albuquerque, New Mexico when a Canadian-born Albuquerque Police Department detective reached a dead-end in a homicide investigation. Frustrated by the lack of clues, he appealed to a local television station and enlisted the station’s co-operation in a re-enactment of the crime. The re-enactment was televised on a local newscast.

The detective offered a reward out of his own pocket and a caller contacted the police the next day after seeing the re-enactment. The tip information was enough to lead police to the two men who were responsible. Within 72 hours of the re-enactment being aired, the police had solved the murder. This was the beginning of Crime Stoppers. So successful was this first effort, the program was continued and expanded. The Crime Stoppers program has enjoyed great worldwide success boasting hundreds of thousands of crimes being solved and billions in stolen property and narcotics has been seized. Today, there are over 1,400 Crime Stoppers programs in the United States, Canada, United Kingdom, Australia, South Africa, Bahamas, and other nations.

In Edmonton and Northern Alberta, the Crime Stoppers program was introduced by a local business owner. His daughter had been assaulted and the police had no leads even though the attack happened during broad daylight. He went to the Chief of Police to ask if there was any way that he could help, and the Chief told him of the Crime Stoppers program. Along with the support of the police and media, this business man gathered other community stakeholders and founded Crime Stoppers in Edmonton and Northern Alberta in 1982. In the early years, Crime Stoppers had many successes and enjoyed much community support for the program. Crime Stoppers Telethons were held annually to raise funds for the community-driven program. Every year, hundreds of tips would be reported and many crimes were solved.

Who runs Crime Stoppers?2023-12-08T03:23:21+00:00

Alberta Crime Stoppers Association’s day-to-day and strategic operations are managed by our provincial Executive Director and staff, and a dedicated Board of Directors who are leaders in the business community and have a passion for Crime Stoppers’ mission. They volunteer their time and talents to promote and support Crime Stoppers and give direction to the organization.

Crime Stoppers is a charity and we often rely on volunteers to help with re-enactments, community events, and fundraising. We have a great group of people who are committed to the organization and continue to be successful because of their contributions in all of our chapters.

How do I leave an anonymous tip?2019-03-06T22:14:57+00:00

Crime Stoppers’ primary role is to collect anonymous tips from the public. There are many ways to submit a tip, all of which are described in detail on our Tip Process page.

Where does Crime Stoppers get its funding?2023-12-08T03:27:43+00:00

Crime Stoppers is a community organization that counts on the public to provide support for our programs and services. We work hard during the year to raise funds to continue to offer our anonymous tip line, educational programs, and awareness initiatives. These are some ways that we raise funds:

  • One-time or monthly giving. We receive donations either through the mail or online at CanadaHelps.org from people who would like to simply give to Crime Stoppers.
  • Casinos. Every 18 months, Crime Stoppers is awarded a casino by AGLC. This requires many volunteers to staff but is a significant source of funds for the program.
  • Caught by Crime Stoppers Jail Bailout. This is our annual signature fundraising event and one of our biggest fundraisers. Find out all about it by staying connected to our social media sites!
  • Magazine. We publish a magazine four times each year that is free to subscribers on our mailing list. We work with Crime Watch Publications to sell advertising space in the magazine that helps support Crime Stoppers.
  • Golf Tournaments and 50/50s. We work with organizations that run annual golf tournaments for their employees/clients. Crime Stoppers is named the beneficiary of their 50/50 and Mulligan sales and we provide volunteers to sell these items to their participants. We bring signage, the license, and tickets – it’s easy for the tournament organizer and is a great way for Crime Stoppers to raise funds!
  • Grants and Sponsorships. We work with various organizations and businesses to offer programs that are right for Albertans. There are many ways to support the work we do and we appreciate the support and generosity. We are all in this together.

Crime Stoppers would not exist without the generous contributions of individuals and businesses in the community. Please consider partnering with us in one of the ways listed above or by simply making a donation today.

Interested in volunteering?2023-12-08T03:30:15+00:00

We’d love to meet you! We have so many ways you can get involved! Please send an email to Amanda Dubé, Executive Director at executivedirector@crimestoppers.ab.ca to inquire about volunteering.

What areas are included in “Northern Alberta”?2023-12-08T03:31:49+00:00

As a general statement, Crime Stoppers Association of Edmonton and Northern Alberta is described as Maskwacis (formerly Hobbema) and north. The tip line phone number (1-800-222-8477) is the same throughout Alberta (and most of Canada). There are four Crime Stoppers chapters in Alberta: Edmonton & Northern Alberta, Central , Calgary, Lethbridge and Southern Alberta.

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