Re-enactment Shoot Day ///

Another month, another re-enactment shoot! We met our friends from Global Edmonton and headed out to shoot a couple new ones.


The first crime we were re-enacting was an assault that took place downtown in the parking lot of a Wendy’s. An individual driving a white Honda Accord was followed into the parking lot by a male driving a mid 2000’s silver Dodge Ram. The driver of the truck, described as a Caucasian male, a bit chubby, and around 5’6″ got out of his truck and approached the car. When the man in the car tried to exit, the suspect slammed the door shut on him. When he finally did manage to get out of the car, the suspect then punched him in the chest and slapped him in the face while uttering racial slurs. He eventually went back to his truck and left the area.

It’s important for re-enactments to get as many of the details of the crime scene as accurate as possible. We hope that by replicating the crime, a viewer might recall something that they hadn’t realized was important to the case and would be willing to report it (either to the police or anonymously through Crime Stoppers).  This includes matching our volunteer actors as close to the descriptions of the victims/suspects as possible, and acquiring the right “weapons” and vehicles. Thank you to Michael at Toyota Northwest Edmonton for lending us your vehicles for this shoot!


Our next stop was Guardian Pharmacy located at 7604-144 Avenue where they were the victims of a break and enter/theft. Two male suspects wearing dark coloured hoodies (with their hoods up), dark pants and gloves pried open the rear door of the pharmacy at around 2AM on January 16th. They then cut a hole in the wall to gain access to the pharmacy office. After this, they made their way to the counter and pried open the narcotics cabinet and began to fill a plastic container full of prescription narcotics. They fled the same way they came in.