New awareness campaign out of British Columbia encourages youth to think twice before sending sexual images.///

A new awareness campaign launched this month by the Children of the Street Society in BC highlights the dangers of sending sexually explicit images to others. The posters and videos created for the campaign by Cossette Vancouver focus on explaining some of the risks associated with youth sending images in chat rooms, over e-mail, through text messages, apps, and other avenues.

The campaign, according to the Children of the Street Society website, “features a series of three teens who receive warning messages as they are about to send an explicit photo. These”Uncertain Terms” are not always provided in real life and serve as a warning to others about the dangers of images sharing and sexual extortion.” 

There are some very thought-provoking and gripping visuals created for the campaign (click to enlarge):

Talking to your teen about these kinds of topics can certainly be intimidating and there are many resources that exist for parents to prepare for these tough conversations. The Children of the Street Society also has a parent toolkit available for download from their website.

You can follow this campaign and others on their Facebook page or Twitter account.